Sunday, July 03, 2011

Because my husband loves home and family

I know there are many men that work hard for their families both at work and at home.  I know that some don't.  I know that some can't.  We can never take their work for granted.  So that is why I share this with you.  I am grateful for my husband's hard work in the yard this last week.  Together we picked out and purchased 4 new trees for our yard.   Together we planted them.
 We are desperate for shade as the temperatures reach the 100's.  And after 4 summers of listening to the AC constantly, he caved in. I chose trees that grow quickly and look lovely.  They also have other benefits. 
 The Ash tree above loses all its leaves in the fall in about a day.  Makes raking easy.  It also gets huge.  We will only need 1 tree in that spot versus the 4 on the landscape plan. It's also the kind of tree I can picture my kids climbing in one day.  (Hopefully before they graduate from high school) The choke cherry grows fast and my neighbors have one - it grows well their clay soil and that means it will grow well in our clay soil. 

 You can see that the trees are on the same side of the house as the AC.  Most of that wall is solid except the two 2x4 windows that let in a lot of heat.  So between the burning bush and the Improved Canadian choke cherry things should be much cooler in a year or two ... or three.  

This is the view from the front of the house. 

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thejohnmfamily said...

This is such a great idea. It's getting so hot!