Monday, June 13, 2011

Jazz dance - Dumb Love

Let's talk flexibility for a minute.  I think if I tried half the stuff she can do I'd break my sternum or a leg. Click on the images to see them larger.  

What makes these on stage, catch them while they are moving, photos really great?  
#1 depth of field.  #2 correct exposure #3 a very fast lens.  

One of the other dance moms asked me about my lens and I said she could get one for $2000 right now.  She about died.  But it's made me thousands more so I can't complain.  Really good lenses set you apart from the competition. That and knowing how to use them.  

That's the sternum shot.  Ouch.

 You can see the Swarovski crystals on her face here.  Super fun trick I learned from the ice dancers we photographed last year.
 She is already starting to stand up here so I didn't get the full effect and she was moving too fast or I would have flipped my camera horizontal.  When you are focusing on one person you typically want to hold your camera vertically.

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Mindy Blake said...

What great shots! I can't believe how big she is! What dance group do you have her with? Gracie has been doing dance but wants to try ballet and I've been wondering where to go.