Saturday, May 21, 2011

You know, sometimes it's good to give things a trial run.  When I tilled this originally with my mini honda tiller I followed the slope and walked up and down this plot.  Then when I made my rows for corn I went east and west.  So the other day I decided to try and till between the rows just to see.  OY! Side hill tilling is no fun and kinda painful. So last night I decided to change my rows and moved them north and south.  Eventually there will be bushes and trees, a flat rock spot with a garden bench here but until I can afford all that greenery I am making this my corn patch.  

And because my Honda mini tiller is so incredible we have gotten more done this year than all of last summer and it's only May. Can you see that curvy line dug out of the grass?  Yes, everything to the left is supposed to be flower bed.  I found some disappointing news - the voles used my Rose of Sharon bush for a nest.  I think it will survive as long as they didn't eat all the roots but I will never let the grass grow up around it again.  And I might have to get a couple cats.  outside cats. 
 Here is a photo of the grass greening up in the back and filling in the vole runs.  I love it!

And I tilled the small area on the east side of the garage.  What to plant? I have no  idea.  I just don't want to look at the weeds. So I'll be tilling a lot this year I guess but at least I CAN. Oh and those ugly things are green bunching onions.  I tried to plant them about 4 years ago.  Nothing grew that year but every year new seeds sprout. I didn't know you needed to start them inside in like January. I collect the heads for new seeds and save about $1.50 on green bunching onions that way.

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rmgales said...

Glad to hear you're getting your money's worth with the Honda tiller. It looks like it's doing a great check with new beds. I'm looking, but undecided at this point about what I want to purchase. What made you decide on the Honda? I've been looking at the Mantis and an electric Troy-built at Lowes.