Thursday, May 19, 2011

Photographing your Spring Flower Garden

Can you see the slight vignette I added to this photo?  No? Take a look at the photo below - it's the 'before' photo.  Increasing the highlight, vibrance, and adding a vignette was all that this photo needed to truly reflect the light and color I saw with my own eyes just before dusk Saturday night.  The gorgeous flowers really stand out against the rocks.  I like to call this practical application. It's not always about creating a work of art.  The flowers already are the work of art. This is the first year that they have bloomed like this and they've been here 4 years. I had to record it for my scrapbook. Learn how to enhance your photos in my Photo First Aid class.  

It's the middle of May and my tulips are just starting to bloom on the warmer side of the house.  Craziness. And this little plant that I've seen at the greenhouse but it's a start that my mother in law pulled out and gave me shall go unnamed because I didn't pay attention.  I have learned more plant names since graduating from college than I did in two plant ID classes that I took while in college.  It's different when you want to know what you are planting so that you can get more or make suggestions. So I better get to the greenhouse and figure out the name this year because I'd actually like to know.

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