Monday, April 25, 2011

Humanitarian Aid Birthday Party

My basement still smells like Irish Spring. How did that happen? Let start by going back a few weeks. My daughter and I were looking through the photos of Japan and the devastation when she suddenly stood upright and resolutely said, "That's it. I don't want a Tangled birthday party. I want to do Humanitarian Aid Kits." Tangled is Disney's latest princess movie - my favorite I think.  And it's all the rage with elementary school girls.  But she changed her mind and then the planning began. 

 She wanted her friends to bring stuff to make those kits instead of gifts - although someone brought her a balloon, another brought her s bracelet, another some bubble gum, and even a bubble blower that works really well.  We gave each of the kids a Medic Arm band with their name on it.

They brought toothpaste, toothbrushes, unbreakable combs, bar soap, and hand towels.  She had 15 friends show up.  

We ate pizza, cake, and ice cream, and guzzled down a few liters of pop.  Then my daughter opened her gifts and after that we set out to put together the kits - 32 kits in all. 

 I just need to pick up a few more hand towels.  We have some left over bar soap which I think the center will take, if not I'll donate them to the Food Pantry to help locally.  After eating we helped them put the kits together in gallon ziploc bags. We finished a bit early so Tyler put on a movie in the theater room.  Sudden silence - a nice break after the chaos of the past few hours. Their parents had to practically drag them away.  We got out the bubble blower and had fun with the last few that were left.  As I sat on the side walk watching the children run after the bubbles, my heart was full of joy.  It was great to enjoy their laughter and to know that I was able to help with something that allowed them to run and jump and giggle.  But I really have to give credit to my daughter.  I've never felt what I felt at her birthday party.  Usually they are about giving and putting on a fun show.  These kids were all giving including the birthday girl.  I hope that she remember this day.  

Some of the children had to leave early for another birthday party but we got a bunch of them in our final photo.

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That is just AWESOME!!