Thursday, April 07, 2011

Cold weather Vegetables

It's seriously been so cold this spring.  These poor plants are still in my window sill.  They are going outside next week regardless of whether they'll live or die.  And the peas are going in the ground.  Had I purchased the compost last fall like I had originally planned, I probably would have done this already.  The ground is just too hard and the soil too compact to get away with another summer without the 4 inches of compost I've been wanting to add.  It's really hard to add it into the garden when the wind is blowing you away and little bits of ice are stinging your face.   

And another thing I want to purchase this year is a mini-tiller.  Who needs 3 foot aisles?  And I can't get away with square foot gardening because of the wind. So many options!


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