Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sprouting in my window sill

We planted columbia cabbage, romaine lettuce, and purple kohlrabi on February 1st.
Here are the sprouts on the 11th.

The Kohlrabi wasn't sprouting so I stuck the heating pad under it.
I set it to LOW and it's only on during the day. We now have 8 of 12 sprouted.

And the Romaine Lettuce is coming along.  The Big Daddy Onions are too. I learned a few things about Onions HERE.  Some onions DO NOT STORE WELL.  I've been getting onion sets from Anderson's Seed and Garden.  I usually get a red and a yellow.  Walla Walla and Candy Red.  Last year I decided to try Big Daddy.

The big Daddy Onions are doing really well and so easy to store.  I didn't put them in the best spot of ground so they didn't get very big, but they are tasty and I still have a few left as you can see from the last photo. I decided to try and start them from seed so there is less of a problem with them going to seed this summer.  So far so good.  They seem really hardy.

It's nice to see something sprouting indoors even though it went from 50 back down to the low 20's.

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