Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gardening Cabinet

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My mom's neighbor is moving to England.  She joined my mom and our family for Christmas Eve dinner because her husband is already over there.  After stuffing ourselves with snow crab my Dad asked if we could see her house.  It's like a museum with gorgeous pieces from all over the world.  When we walked into her office and I saw this piece I gasped and said, "This is gorgeous!" 
 I immediately envisioned it on my covered back porch filled with my gardening supplies but didn't say anything except, "Where did you find this?" My jaw was hanging open as I looked at it.  She must have decided right then that piece was going to be mine.  My parents showed up Wednesday with it in the back of their pick up truck.  I squealed! The movers were packing her container to ship to England and there just wasn't space.  It's in my garage for now.  I need to build something for the bottom to protect it from the elements if I move it outback.  It will be back against the wall where the wind and snow are not likely to reach it. But for now, I love driving into my garage while staring straight at this beauty.

Can you see the old beadboard in the back?  I know it needs 3 pieces of glass but that's do-able.  

Organization and space for everything

I've had these glass bottles tucked in a cabinet since we moved in.  They just look so much better in a lighter colored space unlike the dark window area in my kitchen.

And this basket it perfect for this space - until I start transplanting stuff.

Cool Hardware

And it's about as shabby chic as it can be.  My husband would never pay for something like this although I really adore the style.  It has it's place and it's the perfect gardening cabinet for me. Every girl needs a great space to work in and I now have mine.  Thanks again Pat! You're a sweetheart.  Travel safe.

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