Thursday, January 06, 2011

So here you go ...

My birthday was yesterday and it was fantastic.  My husband was really great to me.  He even helped the kids purchase gifts for me.  Now I am going to go rest.  Dr's orders.  I have a virus on top of healing from surgery.  I promise to post a picture or two when I'm feeling better.  

Emotionally: For less worry and more peace of mind I am going to - photograph the house and everything in it and store that online at a secure site. (Learned this one from someone being evacuated from their home)
Spiritually: I want to read The New Testament and mark each reference to Repentance and Baptism in purple colored pencil. (Because this will not take all year I will start on the Doctrine and Covenants after)
Mentally: Complete a minimum of 2 rosetta stone German lessons a week.
Physically: Find and purchase 5 high carb snacks with more carbs to prevent headaches and exercise 20 minutes a day 4 days each week to help prevent colds.

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