Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 favorite gardening photographs

It's snowy and cold outside.  It's also just about time to start onion seeds. The following photos are in chronological order from my yard in 2010. So what are my gardening goals? - #1 - keep the deer away from my apple tree so that it has a chance to grow this year.  #2 - add 4 yards of soil pep to the veggie garden. #3 - add soil pep to the flower gardens, mix it in and mulch the completely planted areas with something the wind will not blow away. #4 - divide more plants and transplant away. #5 - I will not plant potatoes, I will not plant potatoes, I will not plant potatoes! #6 - plant more kohlrabi, carrots, spinach, and lettuce. #7 - Plant more echinacea in different colors on the back hill to prevent erosion.  #8 - more trees please.  I think that about covers it.


Trishelle said...

GORGEOUS! You have a green thumb! I really enjoyed the pics from your harvest this past year...they made me hungry for all sorts of fresh produce. I'm so looking forward to seeing your 2011 version in person when we're there in June!

Jalane said...

Im with Trishelle! I always look forward to your posts :)