Sunday, December 05, 2010

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie

So my friend S* has the best GF (gluten free) recipes ever!  Thank you sweetie! She shared this oh so forgiving pie crust recipe and I made my own pumpkin pies this year.  3 to be exact.  No one even knew they were GF.  Even better!

I had saved some old pie tins from back in the days when I could  buy pies from the freezer section.  I used Libby's canned pumpkin (I'm curious about making my own - I think I'll buy seeds to a more edible sweet pumpkin). I also used the recipe on the back of the large Libby's pumpkin can.  

Oh and the cool thing about this is that I recently cleared my countertop left of the sink so clean up was a snap.  You see, there was this cute sign and a cutting board over there in the corner for like 3 years.  It was diving up my countertop space.  Cooking GF means you need a lot of space and easier clean up.  It can be overwhelming. Now I can toss the cornstarch into the sink with a few swipes.

 So now that I reclaimed my countertop space, I am in baking heaven.  Well, sort of.  I have to have surgery soon and so there will be no gingerbread cookies for the tree this year.

 I put off organizing a lot of stuff after we moved in.  I had after all just finished radiation treatment (and chemo a month before that). So I was in healing mode not moving and organizing mode. But I've recently conquered all the clutter. Ha Ha Ha! But seriously, my bathroom cabinets and drawers are spotless along with under the kitchen sink, laundry room sink, etc.  And I filled the recycling can. Feels great.

Did I mention what a mess cornstarch makes?

Did I mention that you need some wax paper or parchment? Oh and guess what? I like to make an extra batch of crust and make turkey pot pie afterward.  I think it'll be a new awesome tradition.  I LOVED the turkey pot pie.  And it was awesome that my in-laws cooked their bird upside down - juicy tender white meat.

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Jalane said...

Awww dont you just love the feeling of de-junking and having clean nice drawers and cupboards!! All your food looks so good and makes me hungry :) Good luck with surgery, I will be waiting for updates to see how it all went. :) :)