Wednesday, August 18, 2010

County Fair 2010 - Big Winners!

I was really nervous about this apron, but I figured because she was in the youth category that they'd be nice.  As we were walking out with it on Monday one of the judges said that many parents bring their kids things in and they are not very well done BUT your daughter's apron was VERY WELL DONE. My daughter just beamed.  I was very grateful for this experience - mostly the mommy daughter time and for the fun matching aprons we now have to enjoy at home.

She won BEST OF SHOW for the youth category this year - again! Two years in a row.  We are hoping that she can enter it in the PTA reflections contest this year too (save on printing costs) - anyone know the theme yet?

And she also received first place for her color photo even though it was an 8x8 and not an 8x10.

And my cross stitch received 1st place in the Linen cross stitch Category. 
On the judges notes it said, "Beautiful!"

And all three of my photos received 2nd place in the Professional Photography category.
I entered them mainly so I could advertise my TWO upcoming classes at
#1 - Photo Preserves - old photo restoration - a two week class in October
All of my little papers were gone by the time the fair ended - hopefully not in the trash.

I printed this as a 16x20 for my wall.  I LOVE how it turned out.

I took some fun detail photos of the fair for our scrapbook but I'll share those when I get a minute. Right now I am working on written guides for my Photo Preserves class, PTA stuff, Primary secretary stuff, canning, gardening, etc. 


Mindy Blake said...

Great job! Everything looks amazing!

Love2Short said...

You guys are so talented and creative! Love you!

Annette said...

I'm so impressed. I saw your cross-stitch but didn't look at the name. When I saw it I said,"WOW" It was truly beautifully done. Don't you just love the fair?!!!

Krysta said...

That's awesome! How fun for you and Haley both. :)

Deb said...

Looks like you are local to Cache County. I'm a Hyrum girl too. :)

Our PTA board just announced the reflections theme as "Together we can. . ."

Hope that helps.