Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Veggies in my garden

This is the red onion going to seed.  Something knocked down and broke several of these.  I'm sad but still hoping to have enough seed for this next year.  Maybe you remember these?  That's how they start out and then they turn into this beautiful tall stalk covered with blooms.

My tomato plants have reached the tops of their cages now and there are signs that we might actually get some tomatoes this year.  I really want to freeze some garden fresh salsa - which reminds me - I need to head to the store and buy their freezer jam quart size containers for freezing salsa in.

And here is the last of my lettuce.  I need to eat more and will as soon as my throat is all healed up.

And here are the peas.  They should be nice and fat now.  Time to pick some more!

My cucumber plants.  It's taking its time growing.

I love how pretty cabbage looks in photos.

yes, here are the weeds next to the pumpkin plants.

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Jenn said...

Tyler sent Jeff your blog address, and I have sent you an invite to ours. It is wonderful to see your family...and your work. Your photos and your garden are beautiful!