Thursday, June 03, 2010

transplanting and marshmallow roasting

My mother in law has these great lilies out in front of her house.  All of them need to be thinned.  I thinned 4 the other day and put them in the back of our garden.  My husband was awesome and helped me today.  We thinned 5 more and split them up into 14 more plants.  They will not be great this year but next year when they sprout again, they'll be beautiful and we'll actually get blooms. It's also nice to have something down by the road that the snow plows can't kill.  The local nursery said you can cut them up, throw them on the side walk for 2 weeks, drive over them a few times, and then they'll still grow - not sure how they found that one out.  But Day Lilies transplant quite easily.  On Tuesday night my husband was so awesome to plow this side hill and we planted 1 pound of wild flower seeds.  1/2 is a perennial mix and 1/2 is a butterfly mix (annuals and perennials) from Anderson's Seed and Garden.  That way we'll get a few blooms this year.  

And last weekend we purchased this great little fire pit for my husband as an early father's day gift.  We've already used it twice.  Great Uncle Budd who is in his 90's donate the firewood.

My daughter loved it so much that she has already written up a thank you card to send to Uncle Budd for his generosity.  And Trishelle - this photo is for you - can you see what my sweatshirt says? Yep, that's an original circa 1993 Dugway sweatshirt.  Go Mustangs!

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