Thursday, June 03, 2010

First Harvest - Spinach

Ok, so this is the second batch of spinach. I ate the first last night. I paired it with the poppy seed dressing and yum! 
It's correnta spinach or a flat leaf spinach.  This is from the plants that I plucked out of the ground in order to thin them.  I'm so excited to have fresh veggies around already.  There is nothing like picking it and eating it the same day.  No riding around in trucks or being touched by unknown hands. And no pesticides.

I placed the spinach east of the rows of peas.  That way they get more shade and are less likely to bolt.  I tried a curly leaf spinach last year but it was so much harder to get clean.

So what are you growing in your garden this year?

I'll be sharing photos of my entire garden and each of the plants I have going so far in a few days along with some tips - like walls of water.  Maybe even some photography tips too!

Oh and some of my flowers too.  They are looking so much better this year.  And we have so much space we need to fill up still.

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