Tuesday, June 22, 2010

perspective - change your angle

I had my first live chat today where I answered questions and those viewing my class were able to see my screen and see exactly what I was doing - with only a few second delay.  Technology is pretty amazing.  You can see my first attempt at this at ReneeTV - just click On-Demand.  I answered some questions in Photoshop and most in Photoshop Elements.  

Now - onto these photo.  Ignore the bulldozer in the background.  That belongs to Neil and he is taking the big dirt hill away for me - hooray! After over three years I will now be able to see the entire field behind my house and the deer, etc.  

What you see below are two photos of the same thing.  The second image was taken closer to the ground.  It really allows you to focus on the cabbage, which is what I want people to focus on when they see the image.  I love the wave of the leaves and the delicate texture of the veins.

 How do you do this yourself?  
Get closer to the ground.  Don't want to lay down in the dirt?  Put your camera close to the ground and angle it the way you think it needs to go and take a few shots (the blessings of digital).  Take a look and then try again if needs be.  

Not into cabbage or gardening of any kind? What do you love that you want to photograph but haven't? Apply this to your own situation.  And of course - go to ReneePearson.com to take an online video class from me to make your photos look better!

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lois said...

Your garden is simply beautiful. Love the photo's and the explanations for taking better photographs.
I also love the picture and story about the Robins.
What a wonderful memory you have captured.

Can't wait to take more of your classes!