Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dance - taking photos in an auditorium

Okay moms, I set my camera at ISO 800 and sometimes ISO 1600 on manual mode at a 60th of a second up to 200th at f 2.8 - just test it out until it looks the way you like. Keep your f stop around 2.8 for the speed of the lens.  Everything else is adjustable.

Make sure your VR (vibration reduction) is ON on your lens.
I like how her feet are out of focus but her face is not.

Have a blast filling up that card.  Oh and swarovski crystals can be applied to the face with eyelash glue to add a little sparkle. And we love the new sparkling stage makeup they have available.  


Love2Short said...

What a cutie! She takes after her mom for sure!

Mindy Blake said...

How fun! She looks like she loves to dance-way to always know how to capture the mood Laura! I have to say, sometimes I think you are speaking in a different language when it comes to taking pictures-I wish I had a fancy camera that could do all of that fun stuff!