Monday, June 28, 2010

Here it is ... my ABCs of summer!

Our ABC's of Summer
A – Airshow – check out our local airport.
B – Beading – Make bracelets and necklace.
C – Camping – up in the hills and/or in the backyard. County Fair.
D – Duck – Feed the ducks at the dam.  Go to the Dance Revue.
E – Eat anything for lunch. Evening Walks.
F – Fire pit for Father’s Day – backyard surprise for Daddy. Fishing
G – Grandparents Day – Make fun things and put them in the mail. Garage sale. Grilling. Gardening. Grocery Store
H – Harvest vegetables from the garden. Hiking up in the mountains.
I – Ice Treasure Hunt followed by Ice cream treats. Mommy will freeze special treasures in ice ahead of time.  Use toothbrushes to excavate treasures from the ice.
J – Junk Food. Jump Rope contest.
K – Kitchen Play – Teach the kids to wash dishes by hand – bubbles and all.  Kangaroo snack. Fly our Kites. Kool-Aide
L – Library, Library, Library. Lemonade
M – Mixes – Make homemade cookie mixes to have stored on the shelf ready to go. Manicures. 
N – Necklaces, needlework (finish cross-stitch for the fair)
O – Outside Play – Bike wash - sprinkler - Grandma's waterslide.
P – Make Play-do or Popsicles or visit the Park and Photography safari
Q – Quarter Game – dump out the piggy banks and sort our quarters by states.  Count them up to see how many we have of each state.
R – Rainy Day Reading Marathon –
S – Swimming pool  - time for a ride on the twirly slide
T – Make a Treat together.
U – Take a walk or drive and take pictures of things that look like the letter U – Building, windows etc.
V – Vacation! 
W – Water play, watercolor, watermelon (hopefully we can get some to grow!) Weed the garden. Waterfalls.
X – X marks the spot – Treasure hunt.
Y – Yellow - all things yellow.
Z – Zucchini – We’ll have some growing soon.  Visit our little local Zoo.

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Jalane said...

Way fun and way creative, I love it!