Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Adoption ... it's about family.

My dear friend and former mission companion has a family only because adoption made it possible.  I asked her if it was okay for me to share this on my blog.  Because I don't know any unwed mothers personally but maybe you do.  Maybe she is searching for a family for her child.  Maybe not.  But I hope that if you feel inspired to share this with her, that you will.  Mandee is one of my favorite people and one who I am grateful to have met.  We were roommates for quite a while in the mission field and we were companions twice!  We worked hard together in the humidity and she is an example of faith and determination regardless of crashing bikes while wearing dresses, or getting spit on, or attacked by dogs. Their contact information is below.  

Dear Friends,

            Our family is excited to take this opportunity for you to get to know us a little better. We can’t imagine the weight that has been placed upon your shoulders as you make this very important decision in your life.  Although we don’t know you personally we want to express our deep love and admiration for you and the sacrifice you are making.

            Dallan and I have been married for ten years now. We love traveling, going out to dinner and a movie, playing tennis, and spending time with our family and friends. We both come from large families and wanted very much to continue in that tradition. However, early in our marriage we quickly learned that sometimes even the best made plans aren’t always meant to be. Although, that was a difficult time for the both of us, never before had we felt God's love as abundantly as we did during those few tough years. However, in the end we were blessed with more than we had ever hoped for. Six years ago we were lucky enough to adopt our daughter Madelyn and three years later our son Jackson.  They along with their birthmothers have been our miracles

You - We want you to know you are important to us. We would very much like to meet you and together come up with an adoption plan that you feel comfortable with. We are open to visits, phone calls, emails, letters, and of course lots and lots of pictures.  We would love for you to meet our family and hopefully answer any questions you may have for us.
            Again, we can’t imagine the stress you are under at this time in your life. We hope you are surrounded by family and friends who love and support your decision. We want you to know that we pray for you and hope you will be blessed with peace of mind as to what decision is right for you. 

With much love,
Dallan, Mandee, Madelyn & Jackson

Contact Information:

Email:                        dallanandmandee@gmail.com
Phone:                        480-586-0379

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