Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's not even funny anymore

Yep, that's me, this past Tuesday night.  Some of you have seen this on facebook but I know that I have followers that are not yet facebook friends.  

So I was swimming laps, trying to whip my bad attitude and my body into shape. I'd been in a bad mood for 2 days.  It takes at least 30 laps before I begin to feel it loose its grip on me.  I was going for 35.  I'd been the only person in that lane the entire time I was swimming. Halfway through lap 34 and without warning I felt an explosion on the top of my head and come out my ears and shoulders.  I curled up my legs and my arms just hung there.  I heard a lot of yelling and 'oh no' and 'I'm so sorry' being repeated.  The air was knocked out of me. A very large and tall guy in his late 20s or early 30s dove backwards off the bulk head into my lane. His head hit my head.  How many pounds of pressure was that equal to? I felt someone carrying me in the water and I finally yelled at him to get me out of the pool, sit me on the side.  He had blood running down the side of his face and neck - all his thankfully. His head split open he hit me so hard.

I sat there gasping for air. People were rushing around me.  I started to cry and I couldn't hold my head up.  They had me lay on my back and covered me with warm towels.  Then a neck brace. Then they started up the hose with the warm water. I was in pain and in shock and shaking terribly.  They called my husband.  We also tried my paramedic neighbors because I didn't want to go in an ambulance if I didn't have to.  When Tyler got there, they called 911.

My daughter's PE coach was there and some of her friends from church.  It was comforting to be surrounded by women close to my age. They kept asking me questions like my name, address, phone number.  I knew what it was but then I'd forget that I'd said it and ask if I had told them already.  Pretty soon my husband was there.  Then the sheriff, then the ambulance.  They  placed the backboard under me and it was freezing cold.  I squealed. After all, I was in a wet swim suit.  And it was my brand new poly suit and I was determined to make sure no one cut it off of me.  

I went to the ER in the ambulance. The medic knew my Dad from Life Flight. There was a huge crowd of doctors and nurses waiting for me. I was worried about my neck and they were worried about bleeding in the brain.  So I had a CT scan right away form the top of my head to the base of my ribs.  They said it was fine (relief) but that I had soft tissue damage which would be better seen in an MRI in 4 or 5 days. So we just have to wait and see how I'm doing when I reach the 5 day mark.

I think Wednesday was worse than Tuesday pain wise.  And I've been taking it very easy today. I was finally able to eat today.  Last night my parents came up to see me.  Then later our new Bishopric came over.  Yesterday the scoutmaster called my husband to find out how I was.  He said it was one of  his leaders that had hurt me and he was so worried about me that he didn't sleep all night.  The lifeguard was worried too and his mom, who runs the pool and coaches the swim teams, called me last night and left a message.  Amber, thanks for doing my daughter's hair for school.  Grandpa and Grandma, thanks for keeping my children overnight.

It's been crazy and it hurts a lot.  I am really lucky apparently but since this is my 3rd time being strapped to a backboard and 4 ambulance ride and having done the whole chemo and radiation thing too, this is really getting old. I just wonder how a little person like myself has survived so many crazy ordeals. Such a miracle. Anyway, enough for today.  I'm pretty nauseated and better crawl back in bed. I can't hold my head up with out support for very long. And if this post doesn't make much sense or if I've left anything important out, blame the pain meds and muscle relaxers.


Marne said...

HOLY COW! Glad you are okay. I can't imagine the pain level there. Get well soon!

Mindy Blake said...

Laura-you poor thing! Hang in there and I hope you feel better soon. Don't worry, the blog made sense. Sorry you had to go through that!

Trevor and Amy said...

Laura, I am so sorry! Wow, you have been through so much and then to add one more thing to the list. I can't imagine how bad your head must have hurt. You both are extremely blessed. I hope you get feeling better soon and be sure to take it easy!