Tuesday, December 22, 2009

25 photos 'til Christmas - Day 22

I can hardly believe that Christmas is almost here.  Each year moves faster and faster. Here is the other critter on this set of ornaments and you can really see how cracked it is.  I almost didn't put it on here. But this is a part of who we are and there will be a different photo to see tomorrow.

Today was a nice slow day for a change.  My son slept over at Grandma's last night and after I got my daughter off to school, I snuggled in for a little nap.  Then it was time to wrap presents; wash, dry, fold, and put the laundry away; make beds; pick up clutter; work on client gifts; and get ready for the bridal fair. My daughter went to play with her cousins after school.  I made some super cute calendars for some of my clients.  And then it was off to the salon.  I dropped the calendars off at the printer.  Then Pam did my nails and we talked over the new brochure I'll be making for her along with new names for salon services and prices, etc.   Then it was back to the printer to get my calendars and primary class name door hangers I had laminated.  Across the street I flew like a flash ... to pick up 24 - 4x6 photos from the grocery store. Then it was time to head home. My dinner was ready and waiting - thanks babe! It's been a long time since I had any downtime and it sure felt good.  I got so much done without feeling all crazy busy. Thanks to Aunt A and Grandma S for giving me the day off.  I feel so rejuvenated.

My daughter added some new coloring pages to her blog. Go check it out and please leave her a comment.  She's anxious to hear what others think of her work.

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