Monday, December 21, 2009

25 photos 'til Christmas - Day 21

Grandma S gave us this lovely advent Calendar a few years ago as a Christmas present, but this is the first year my children have participated in this tradition.  It's magnetic and somehow over the years we've managed to keep all the pieces.

I'm sure you can guess who is in box #1.

 I think that because my children are finally excited about this tradition that next year I'll prepare ahead of time and place a scripture in each box to read each day as well.

 You know, this year I've felt the Spirit of Christmas stronger than ever before.  I don't know if it was because of being in Primary and working oh so many hours on their gift this year. AND the fact that we've scaled way back on gifts.  AND because business has been slow I've had more time to think instead of being so rushed to meet lab deadlines.  AND if it was because my husband read a chapter a night until it was done from The Forgotten Carols and played the CD as he went along all without being asked - totally his idea.  AND the Secret Santa who left a much needed and much appreciated gift on our porch last night.  AND the enjoyment I've received from making the scrapbook pages.  AND maybe it has something to do with the excitement in the eyes of my children.  AND the best ward Christmas party I've ever attended.  AND because the Great Grandparent's party was so much fun. AND because I just plain feel better since I've been able to drop one more medication post cancer.  AND because I know that the Lord answers prayers. AND because of the deeper knowledge of His Gifts for us.  I guess I know it's a combination of those things and so much more.

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