Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I went to a very small high school

OK, so for 9th and 10th I went to a big high school in Alaska, but for 11th and 12th I went to a very small school on a military installation in the middle of the desert near the salt flats of Utah. My dad was air field commander out there. My class was the largest ever, which is really not saying much. Anyway, we made some good friends out there. And we just had a school reunion, well sort of. It was more like a Dugway get together because so many of our parents attended as well. If you are from Dugway and want to attend next year, I will forward the info to you. It will be the first Saturday after Labor Day weekend. I completely spaced the fact that I know where some Dugway-ites are, that others don't. Chemo Brain! My decision to go was last minute because luckily my BIL changed the time of their daughter's baby blessing to an earlier time and I was able to attend both events. Tyler and I drove down and picked up my mom and we drove to Draper - not Dugway - since most of us don't live there anymore. One of the families that attended drove over from Dugway, but the rest of us are living all over the state and some in Arizona. Maybe you read the article on Jamie Gibson Hartly in the March 2006 issue of the LDS Ensign Magazine. Jamie and I went to high school together. In fact, her older brother, Ben, was in my class. I was really excited to see her at the reunion and meet her husband. HK couldn't help but hug Jamie. Jamie was really nice because every time she turned around, there was HK, wanting to give her a hug. HK doesn't usually do that with people she just met, but I think she sensed Jamie's kind spirit. It was interesting to see where everyone has gone with their lives. I gained strength from hearing their stories and how they have grown through their trials. I haven't been to Dugway since Trishelle got married. I shared my cancer story as well after several questions and how so much good came from it. It was good to share it again. I don't want to forget how much good came from it.

Those of us who went to high school together:

With some of our moms:

Every once in a while I see the resemblance between HK and I. There was something about this photo, besides the fact that I am zoning out, where I saw a little of me in her. I just wanted to write that down since it rarely happens.

Thanks for inviting me Tishelle!


Marne said...

That is cool you went to school with Jamie. I knew who she was at Ricks, and she was amzing. When I read about her in the Ensign I was so happy to see how she was doing and that she got married.

Fun times with friends!

The Jones Family said...

You and your daughter are beautiful, really!

Trishelle said...

Yeah! Thanks for posting these pics. It was such a great evening! You and HK have so many similarities. You both look so pretty in this pic.

I'm so glad we got to have a group shot together. Next time, I will sit a little more lady like. Ugh! I am so embarrassed!

Misty said...

i love this picture of you and your daughter. you are gorgeous!

Tanya said...

I would love to hear more about the reunion... I didn't think that there would ever be one.