Monday, September 15, 2008

a good day

today is a good day because:
I get hydro-seed today - that means that next spring we will have a lawn the kiddos can play on for a change.
Hk has dance. She loves dance class!
I already uploaded a clients photos and processed them and it's only 9am
CJ is just waking up
I cleaned my kitchen counters and picked up all the clutter in my room and bathroom as well as HKs room.
And my friend Krysta and her family in the Houston area are doing ok. click here to see the photos on her blog
Now I get to play with CJ in the dirt as I mark off the garden areas so they don't spray them with hydro-seed.
Did I mention I get my dirt covered up with hydro-seed?


Marne said...

Yay, here is to a good week!

Carey said...

Yahoo for grass. We decided to do regular seed since it was what our old bishop (a sod farmer) recommended for us this late in the season. We did the whole yard for $100. Sweet. We may have some patches to seed in the spring but the majority is done. I will post some pics soon. I saw your friends pics. Amazing! Scary!

Tanya said...

Yay, you will finally have grass... cannot wait to see it!