Friday, July 04, 2008

Wow, a lot is happening around here and I haven't the brain power to record it all. I went swimming with my little family and I was nervous. Although I was a lifeguard and swim instructor for 7 years, I haven't been in a pool for 4 years and I don't think I've done a single lap in about 7 years. I remembered a lot easier than I thought I would. I did the crawl perfectly. Then I tried the butterfly - uhm, that explains the migraine I woke up with on Tuesday. Coleton enjoyed being in the water but didn't get the idea that he wouldn't float on his own. We kept him in his boat most of the time. He LOVED the water as long as his ears didn't get wet. We might have to get some silicone plugs for him next year.

We went to the nursery last night and bought some plants. We found that we can get trees for a reasonable price so when they rip out our front walk this next week, we'll have him dig 5 or 6 spots for trees. I really wanted to get them in the ground before this winter so that their roots will get established and also so next summer they will really be able to grow. Every year counts and I really want a few trees around this place. We bought a few plants for around the house and got 5 into the ground last night. Remember those Day Lily's my MIL let me rip out of her yard. Well, I found some at the nursery that are red instead of yellow and I can't wait to mix them in. I asked about a vine that would grow tall on the side of the house and not hurt the stucco. Duh! Clematis! And it flowers all summer long with the most gorgeous flowers! My MIL has one and it took hers 2 years to really get going but she already has to buy another trellis for one of them this year. It's quite tall and beautiful! So I bought a purple one Jackmanii (the tallest and most vigorous grower) and a pink one for near our back porch. We had the car so we'll have to go back and get a trellis or two. I bought a few plants for the spot near the front by the garage that gets very little sun. Tyler has strep throat. He's been out for 2 days. I haven't been able to scrapbook. Sleepy brain. So today I worked on an old scrapbook that I designed digitally while looking at my friend's paper album (she was so nice to let me borrow it! thanks again Krysta!) all while I was going through chemo. It's extra simple and not entirely my style (oh, I love symmetry) but I like it. I finished 9 pages then and it's just been sitting - FOR 2 YEARS! I finished the rest today. I love it even more now that it's finished! Here it is:


The Jones Family said...

OOO Girl...I love it! Great Job. Isn't it WONDERFUL to look back at the birth of our beautiful children!! Wow...what a blessing. He sure is a cutie!!!

Trevor and Amy said...

Wow, those pages are phenomenal! What cute pages! You are so dang talented and creative! It looks like you guys have had a busy summer! My talk for the Relay for Life went pretty good. I'm just glad it is over! What a neat experience to walk around the track with all of the other cancer survivors! We are so blessed to have each day to spend with our children!

Krysta said...

I remember that book! I'm so glad you finished it!!