Tuesday, July 08, 2008

clematis, family home evening, swim lessons

I added two new plants to our landscape. If anyone has any tips on clematis, let me know. I know it will be a few years before they really take off. It's nice to be back to a point in my life where I think I will be around for that and can plan ahead a little more. I did buy two really cheap little trellis things and realized I should have bought one more plant and one more trellis. In fact I have 4 plants that I still need to buy (this year), but I have to save up. My neighbors J* and M* are pros when it come to gardening and he was telling us all that has gone into their yard. Amazing! And well, the cold winters really kill off a lot, so we'll see how it goes this winter.

Last night we had the best family home evening ever. We ate dinner with our neighbors and Tyler's brother's family, also neighbors, and then we went on a treasure hunt. We hopped on a few borrowed 4-wheelers and drove all over our neighborhood and through the fields. There was the gate, R* Point, the old stone house (built by a pioneer), an old grave site for a baby boy, and then home. Each place there was a lesson and a clue to the next place. R* Point was about avoiding pitfalls. The pioneer's stone house was about honoring our ancestors and who we are because of them. The grave was about eternal families and looking to the blessings of the temple - we could see the L* temple from that spot. The last was the second great commandment - Love thy neighbor as thyself. Everything was quotes from the Ensign magazine. It was really a lot of fun. And Aunt A* made her jello cake and I ate the topping off of it since I can't eat the rest. The kids however pigged out totally- especially CJ.

Last of all, this is one of those photos you show at your child's wedding or college graduation party. My visiting teachers were here this morning and CJ went down the hall. I realized it was too quiet so Haeley went down to check on him. He had put my swim suit on over his jammies and was wearing HKs flip flops on the wrong feet. I though they were both going to fall off the couch. One teaches him in Nursery class and knows his personality. He's getting more and more stubborn all the time. Luckily I got him to give me my swimsuit back in time to take him to his very first mom and tot swim lesson this morning.


The Jones Family said...

Ha Ha How cute. I'm sure he will LOVE swim class. Those Bounce Houses can be found anywhere really (Target, Walmart...)and they are fairly inexpensive. It's worth every penny! :)

Anderson Family said...

Congrats on be published again! How exciting! Can you buy the magazine at most places? I want to pick up a copy. :)

Sorry I'm really no help on gardening and the bugs that come with it. But its looking awesome.

As for your curbing I think I can be of some help. My brother Tyler Does Curbing as a 2nd job. I'll give you his info off of his card, He does awesome work.

Browning Curbing L.L.C
(435) 830-4264 Browningcurber@hotmail.com
PO box 1261 Tooele, UT 84074

Melynda and Family

Tanya said...

I love the swim suit/ flip flop pictures. They made me laugh out loud. I cannot believe how much H looks like you.