Thursday, May 01, 2008

Year book 2007

I guess you could call it their personal year books. But I finally finished Haeley's last night and got it uploaded. They were both about 50 pages long. An opener, a family page, 2 page spread per month, and then all the random pages I made throughout the year. It was a fun project - but this means that it's the first of May and I have already completed 53 pages! (But that was last year's - so it's all catch up.) Today I scrapbooked CJ's birthday party (a 2 page spread) and started on Haeley's. I am thinking of doing a family album next year to make easier - just make a couple copies of one book instead of 2 separate books. Plus I really want to get more of my relationship with my incredible husband in there and not just my fun little kiddos.

I added a bunch of photos to our photography blog If you have any advice on reception centers in the area - please send it my way!

Someday I will post the Shutterfly slideshow - someday.

Good news! We have a landscape plan now! And we are having our sprinkler plans drawn up right now. I just really really want grass this year! REALLY, REALLY! And now I am going to quit blogging and go to bed!


Krysta said...

I love how those books turned out! So cute. You're so talented.

I do something similar with my kids scrapbooks, except I do a 2 page spread for them every season of highlights and favorite pictures. Everything else: main events, holidyas, vacations and all the fun things in between are in my family albums.

Marne said...

Good job! What a feeling of accomplishment. I am excited to start using that kit. You had Colton's album on the cd you sent me. It's nice to see how great they can turn out.

Sam Anderson said...

I'm starting all of this because of you, haha thought I would let you know. Your books are amazing.

You asked me what I was using, as far as software. I have a trial in photoshop 6 and photo Shop CS3. And for the most part I'm lost. Sam and Mariska are going to get me some other software I saw on tv for mothers day. But I dont know about it yet. wink.

So I have been just downloading all the freen things I can find. Theres a lot of it out there.

Any Ideas on what a good starter set would be? something with every thing.