Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Reading Goals

Haeley has been learning about goals. She was struggling to get her reading done each day. She has to read her little book 3 times and then return it to school the next day. So I made her a chart. The first goal was a My Little Pony. She read 10 books - 3 times. This time she read 15 books 3 times. Yes, this books says 14 - but there was a bonus book before Set 3 started - so she did read all 15 books and she got her Barbie today. We haven't figured out what to do next. We may just give her some time and see how she does without a 'reward'. The books are starting to get more interesting. I am very proud of her. She's learned a lot through all of this goal setting and accomplishment.

And here is Tyler, outside working a few days ago - mostly to get some sunlight. We sold our old snowmobile. It was in better shape than when we bought it - some nicer parts and such. Tyler is handy with tools and has friends who are pro snowmobile racers. We sold it for a little more than we bought it for. We are really looking forward to SPRING!

oh and we heard tonight that the elk are now at the end of our street. There is a local herd here but they have never been this close. They've been bothering the neighbor's barn where he stores his dairy cattle feed. We do live out in the boonies for sure!


MML said...

Great job Haley!

Krysta said...

That's great your doing that for Haley...she'll learn a lot about herself that way. I remember those books with Kaylee!!