Friday, March 07, 2008

Almost 2! already?

Coleton and I were goofing around yesterday taking photos and I have the greatest series of silly photos. I decided to use one of them on his birthday invitation. He puts his arms up in the air when he goes down his slide. It's so cute. One day soon I hope to catch it on video. I just ordered them and they'll be coming your way as soon as I get them! We are keeping it simple since he is still so young and it's cold outside, aunts & uncles, grandparents, and cousins and right after Grandma's Easter egg hunt and casual dinner (the formal Easter dinner is on Sunday along with A's baby's blessing and all of her family too and I am so glad I am not in charge of that one!).

My goal this weekend is to put a list of my favorite Digital Scrapbooking websites on this blog.

My article and scrapbook pages on my cancer experience will be coming out soon. I will be concentrating a little more on my cancer experience for the next little while, including some scrapbook pages that didn't make the cut. I am looking forward to sharing a little more and I really hope that I can encourage others to be positive during their experience and for those who are caregivers or relatives to see the power in a card, letter, or gift scrapbook page to someone with cancer. It's important to feel cared about and sometimes it can be a very lonely experience. You can't have a lot of visitors. I couldn't go to church or help in Haeley's preschool class. Mostly it was visiting the DR and nurses - who were incredible about making me feel better. There were those who brought meals and visited for a little bit, and family who helped with the kids. And sometimes people would call out of the blue or come over for a minute - usually in answer to prayer. We really are each other's angels. But when I was all alone, sometimes I just flipped through my scrapbook pages and gained strength and felt love from those who had sent them. That was better than watching tv any day! Of course I spent a lot of time reading books (when my eyes could hold still) and studying scriptures. And that brought peace. There is just something about feeling loved and needed by other people. I'll share my self esteem boosting moment in a few days.
Relay For Life Album 2007

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The Jones Family said...

You are such a strong woman! Thsnk you for your example and your wisdom.