Friday, March 28, 2008

Family History

I LOVE family history. This morning Coleton and I were sitting in front of the computer going over which photos I had scanned and which ones still need to be. I didn't realize I had so many important things already complete. I found the great photo of my grandfather (pictured below) in his military uniform. With his hat tilted like that you'd think he was part of the White Christmas cast. I Love the school photo too. They don't take school photos anymore. I bought one for Haeley this year and it's just a collage of individual pictures with all the kids and their names, teacher, and principal. No more group photos. Still it is great to have. Anyway, then that inspired me to enter some more data into my version of Personal Ancestral File using virtual pc on my mac. I have to TYPE everything in. no gedcoms. grrrr. But I actually enjoy it. I get to see each name and how much information I have and do not have. It's been relaxing to work on that today - I usually just work on it on Sundays but I've been busy painting a mural under the stairs for the kids on Sunday afternoons.


The Jones Family said...

You actually look a lot like him!

Krysta said...

I love ancestral pictures. I have a lot of them framed throughout my house. It's weird to think that some day our pictures will be ancient and treasured how we treasure the ones that we have.