Sunday, March 23, 2008

Birthday party and Easter

We celebrated Coleton's birthday party on Saturday at our house after the Easter egg hunt at Grandpa and Grandma Beek's across the road and up the hill. I made these little goodie bags using an idea I saw on Becky Higgin's Blog and the 4 wheeler I created using Illustrator and the scrapbook paper I made in photoshop. I printed 5 to a piece of cardstock (2 sheets) and then 12 circles with the 4 wheelers on one sheet of cardstock and filled the bags with candy and squirt guns. I scored them and folded and stapled them to the bags. Then I glued the circles to them. I even made 8 inch circles and decorated the walls with them. In the last two photos they are enjoying the egg hunt and opening their eggs and snacking at their grandparent's home.


mandee said...

Your hair is getting long! It looks really cute with your headband! Great pictures by the way!

Trevor and Amy said...

You do so much fun stuff! Way cute idea with the four-wheeler! Your kids are so lucky to have such a creative and talented mother!