Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Red Seedless Grape vines - progress

This is the first year we've ever had baby grapes show up on our vines.  Well, let me rephrase that - VINE.  One vine in three has some baby grapes on it.  I love that the centers are red.  I really don't expect to eat any of these - I doubt the hoppers will let us.  Maybe when the vines are larger, we'll get to eat a few.  We are using the cordon system to trellis these.  I had to buy the vices online.  The wire is 9 guage maybe - don't quote me on that.  We'll add a second wire if they ever get tall enough.  It's ready for it - holes drilled and vices in place.  

Some more baby grapes on the same vine. 

After 5 years it's about time we saw some progress.  Our soil is terrible.  It's like a chalky cream color clay.  Any dark soil you see has been seriously amended.

And we are adding another cement pad.  I will not be supporting the actual tank but we tried just putting gravel here and all sorts of things grew in it.  So we'll be putting the cement down - moving the tank over it but the feet of the tank and the weight will be on the original cement pad.  We actually have 10 bags of cement mix but only a few are in the photo. Everything to the right is a lot that is unimproved and for sale.  

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