Monday, June 03, 2013

My vegetable garden in early spring 2013

My vegetable garden is doing well due to the early summer weather we are experiencing here.  The last few years it's been the 3rd week in June before I uncovered my tomatoes.  I do have the walls of water nearby just in case. But for now, we don't want to burn up the poor plants. The sun was just about to go behind the mountains and so I set my camera at f22 using aperture priority mode to get the sun flare.  Isn't it gorgeous! And it's real - no photoshop work here.

This is facing east of course and the peas are growing really well.  The kale is starting to take off.

The Optimum corn has sprouted and we'll see how it does. I've never grown it before.

 The green beans are looking good and soon to be thinned.

I still need to plant the peppers but they are enjoying a stay under the covered porch for now.

And I really need to thin the Little Finger Carrots.  They are so delicious. I don't think I will ever grow another variety of carrot - EVER!

Cherokee Purple, Pink Brandywine, Early Girl tomatoes

The vine crops all get to grow up and over these.  Lemon Cucumber. Jack Be little Pumpkins, zucchini, and squash.  If you've ever grown your own squash and then had to buy some in the grocery store, you know it just doesn't compare in taste or texture.

 The radishes are about done.  One at a time are being pulled and Kiwi and Mambo get to enjoy a fresh healthy treat just seconds after being picked.

I love the mountains and the view from my backyard.  It's just beautiful.

I called this craters of the moon flower bed.  Really though, my pumpkins are going to be sprouting in these hills in no time at all.

More sun flair.  What can I say?

Facing south - my garden and the alfalfa field.  Enjoy it while you can. They will be cutting it soon. whahhhhhh

My walls of water on stand by. The warm and protect my tomatoes until the weather cooperates enough to let them out.

Kiwi was trying out the kale while it was still attached to the plant.  You can see he is molting and he is getting some new feathers to fill in the damaged area.  He has chewed 2 of the new feathers but nothing like before.  Hopefully he'll let them all grow in and be done with chewing his feathers.

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