Monday, June 17, 2013

Close up look at the plants in my garden

orange asiatic lillies

 hostas - on the north side of the house

I received 20 new day lilies for Mother's Day - these are the large orange type with blooms larger than 5" wide.  It will take a few years to fill in but I plan on really fertilizing this area more this year and adding some humate to break up the clay.

I planted 3 of these asiatic lilies last year.  I bought them on clearance at Walmart and now I am surprised to see so many plants already.

The clematis is really growing up the drain pipe this year and covering the sprinkler box.

I planted 2 new Dwarf Burning Bush - which grow really well on the side and west side of the house.  They can handle the sun.  They look so small compared to the Purple Salvia.  But I've already noticed a difference in the shade in the basement window.

Red day lilies - these only get 18" tall and the blooms are smaller - perfect closer to the edge.

This sedum is looking great and will have the prettiest blooms soon.

The echinacea has all sprouted and they will bloom mid- summer.  I love how the plants are starting to rotate fairly well, with something always in bloom.

A lone yellow columbine

And we are seeing a few yellow day lilies starting to appear along the driveway.

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