Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Field Trip with 1st graders to local businesses

This first store is a farm supply store.  Many of the kids were pointing out which animals their fathers or uncles had shot - either to protect their farms or for meat.  Most of these kids have eaten venison and many of them said they had the kid's size .22 single shot rifle in their home.  The girls all wanted the pink one.  Yes, it's a whole different world out here but we like and so we stay.

Then it was time to check out the birds.  The chickens were starting to loose their down for adult feathers.

There was one turkey in this box but I'm not sure which one.

The children got to pet the chicks, turkey, and a duckling.

 Surprisingly, the duck was the least soft of them all.

And then we went to another business that is a huge pet store with obedience courses (more for the people who own the pets than the pets - dogs and birds learn quickly).

chinchilla - theirs is the softest fur ever!

and two types of chameleons

And of course, this conure was a hit with the 1st graders since they have had Kiwi visit several times and now have had Mambo for a visit. This bird was labelled as a Sun Conure but I'm pretty sure it's a Jenday conure.  Sun Conures have a lot more yellow on their wings.

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