Friday, April 26, 2013

The new paint color reveal...

So my son's old bedroom is now the same color as the hallway.  And I had to paint the bottom half white too. Here is what it looked like before.  I loved it but it was too dark for the birds.  This is now Kiwi and Mambo's room.  I have a few spare rooms in this house.  I think I should set one up as a craft room and I'd really like a Macaw and an Eclectus.  I could live with just an eclectus.  Someone want to give me one?

The flash didn't do the color justice.  It's a brown grey.  Benjamin Moore Ashley Gray

The shadow on the floor is from the flash paired with the wide angle lens.  

Proof the grass is turning green.
  Ceiling - my son exclaimed, "Mom, it looks like the state of Utah - our state!" I'm so happy my kid has a state he can claim. I moved so often as a child that I couldn't even remember which state birds went with which state I was in.

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