Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tilling the South side of the house makes the garden look so pretty!

So this is the south side of the house.  The first part of the garden is a strawberry patch.  I'm tempted to fill in the rest with strawberries except the grass creeps in and the strawberries creep into the grass.

Last Friday I raked out the strawberry patch.  Then I tilled the rest of this flower bed.  There is one little straggly bush that lived. The Salvia is doing well as usual.  I plan on putting Mountain Box Wood back here.  It doesn't turn golden like those I have out front, it will stay a pretty blue green and they can handle the heat coming off the rear of the house. Thank you Fonnsbeck Greenhouse for that tip!

I also tilled up the flowerbed on the West side of the deck but it was still really muddy.

And then I tackled the edge of the hill but it was also really muddy.  I made a huge mess here so I had to grab the rake and fluff up the edge of the grass and try to scrape some of the mud back into the flowerbed.

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