Friday, March 15, 2013

My heirloom tomatoes are starting to sprout

My summertime lettuce is looking good.  I can't wait to see what it will look like in a few weeks when I can finally put them outside in the covered square foot garden.  The snow was just starting to melt and we got 2 more inches last night.  I'm not convinced it will be an early spring unless the ice melts on the reservoir before my son's birthday.
 I thinned the bok choy down to 2 plants.  It survived a trip to the elementary school in the hands of my littlest.  When he reads for 20 minutes he gets to fill out the Read Around the World folder.  Each continent and a couple of the oceans are represented.  There are 15 twenty minute sections for each. After that is completed they write down 5 facts and draw 4 pictures to go with the facts.  Then he gets to create something to represent that continent or ocean and present it with 5 facts about the subject.  

We were talking about the bok choy and how it originated in Asia and he got all excited and asked to bring it for his report.  He printed off a list of facts about bok choy and shared it with his class.  For each report he gets something and then at the end of the year he gets ice cream and all the toppings that go with each continent or ocean.  Daddy has volunteered to help that day!

Back to my plants: My blue Kale has sprouted and will be thinned soon.

And last of all, my heirloom tomatoes are starting to sprout.  When I save the seeds myself, I'm always a little worried.  But they always sprout.  The 5" peat pots are holding up well too. 

Well, Mambo has been sitting quietly on my shoulder for quite a while.  I think she needs some flight training.  She loves it! So here we go...

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