Friday, February 22, 2013

Cold weather transplants

My cold weather transplants are doing well.  The bok choy is looking great but I'm starting to think I started it way to early. Last year I grew the mini bok choy and it didn't do well at all.  So this was just an experiment.  It already looks better than the other did. I only grew one pot because I am thinking that  fall is going to be the best time to plant these.

I'm also growing broccoli for the second time.  The first time I grew it from some transplants my mom gave me. She didn't even know what kind they were. And the heads of broccoli were full of caterpillars, little green caterpillars.  I couldn't even eat them because I wasn't sure I had found them all. So this year I will be growing broccoli under a net covered hoop.

Super Dome hybrid is a tremendous yielder of very large, extra fine quality heads on nice compact plants. More broccoli, larger heads, more weight - these features add up to more goodness, flavor, and nutrition for everyone who enjoys broccoli. It will do well in the late fall, winter, and early spring. Super Dome is resistant to downy mildew. 58-60 days to harvest.

This variety is early to mature and has a mild flavor. Large buds cover dark green domes that average 8” in diameter. Packman is a heavy yielder that withstands the heat unlike many other varieties. This allows it to be planted later in the season if needed. 57 days to harvest.

They also have a nice selection of organic seeds.

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Jalane said...

I love broccoli! Maybe next year I will have you help me get started. Awesome!!