Thursday, December 27, 2012

My lastest Gingerbread Mansion

I thought of several titles I could have used but decided to go with plain jane simple.  Besides, after breaking so many walls and going through 8 batches of gingerbread with nothing but a hand mixer, there are plenty of other titles I could have used to describe my angst and distress.  

My sweet and thoughtful husband bought me THIS for Christmas.  With the price starting at $439, my 30% off discount, and a $50 rebate, and cashback from my visa plus $25 back for shopping at Kohl's with that visa, it was an unbelievable deal.  And I need a mixer every couple of days, so this gift is definitely one that will keep on giving and not burn up so easily.

For this gingerbread mansion, I used Wilton fondant for the shingles. I used a Wilton fondant roller to make the imprint and scalloped cut.  

And even in my house I went more with the traditional Christmas colors.  My garland on my banister is all done in the traditional colors.  And so are the lights on the outside of my house.  Walking home after sledding at Grandma's today, I just stared at the beautiful lights on my house.  It just filled my heart with joy.

Here you can see my children's train stations on each side of my mansion.  They turned out cute and my children at plenty of candy that day. 

A fun candy cane wreath!

I purchased a lot of the decor and the Wilton sparkle gels at LuvtoCook.

These I took at night so the contrast is a little different but I still wanted to share a few of these photos too. 


Sugar Butter Baby said...

amazing mansion!! I want to live there :) can I move in??

Sugar Butter Baby said...

fantastic mansion... I want to live there! Can I move in??