Friday, October 12, 2012


How can something so small cause so many problems?

Luckily I made it out of the situation without having to use my EpiPen. I took 2 benadryl right away.  I feel bad that my kids had to witness me in shock.  My husband was awesome the whole time. I shook for about 20 minutes while we sat in the ER parking lot.  I shook so much that I shook their boosters in the back seat.  If my blood pressure stays normal, and if I can breathe (even if it's a struggle), and I don't pass out, then I try to avoid the ER and the Epipen.

Our house is a tree nut free house for a reason.  Thanks to my family and friends who help keep it that way.

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Jalane said...

SO glad your ok Laura! SO scary...