Saturday, July 07, 2012

My garden this week

The asiatic lilies that I purchased on clearance last year have bloomed and they are gorgeous.  I just wish that they lasted longer. The nice thing is that each year there will be more and more.

The ground cover is looking beautiful. 

The lettuce did really well.  The carrots are so yummy.  And this year is the first time I have harvested garlic scapes.

I added them to my roasted potatoes and it was a perfect addition.

They are delicious and by harvesting them from the garlic plants the garlic are supposed to get bigger. 

Putting the romaine lettuce under the floating row cover made for more tender and bug free lettuce. 

The snow peas were so sweet.

The Summertime lettuce is small but very tasty.

And Kiwi is enjoying the snow peas and making the biggest mess of my windows. I clean them every couple of days.

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Sustainably Modern said...

You're able to get green food! Awesome.