Monday, May 07, 2012

pet lover ... how'd that happen?

I love this first photo because it is a great image of Kiwi, our yellow sided green cheek conure. It just reminds me how fast my children are growing up.  He just looks so grown up here.  And confident.  Kiwi bit his ear when we first brought him home and it took a little while for him to warm back up to Kiwi.

And this one is darling - he was laughing because Kiwi took a big chunk out of the carrot and then hopped onto it. I have a series of photos and this was the best.
 And just a fun angle and use of a shallow depth of field.

And this is just precious.  I love that Kiwi trusts my son and that my son is calm and quiet around Kiwi and wants to take good care of him.

You'd never know my son was terrified of Kiwi two weeks ago.

Kiwi now does The Bat where he hangs upside down and he is starting to let us lay him on his back but he still holds on. He loves a good head scratch when things are calm and quiet.  

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