Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My garden

Well my tomatoes were safe and sound in their little walls of water.  It was 80 last week and 40 this week.  Can you see all the new snow on the mountains. We even got snow grains here in the valley.  You can even see my new drip line set up with just the right amount of space.  

Just before the temperatures dropped I planted 6 more heirlooms outside.  2 are Cherokee Purple which I've never grown before but many of the gardening blogs I watch rave about them.  

In fact, here is the smallest one:


rmgales said...

I'm so jealours of your Cherokee Purple, they look so healthy. I lost 3 and had to start over. I'm hoping to get my seedlings in by Mother's Day if the temps hold. Did you make the cattle panel tomato cages? What do you have over them now?

Sustainably Modern said...

Nice set up. Here's to a plentiful tomato harvest in the next couple of months :).

Stoney Acres said...

Looks great. I guess wall of waters are a must in your neck of the woods. We use ours to set some tomatoes out early in April so that we have some fruit ready to eat in early July. But most of our tomatoes just wait until May 15th and go out without protection.