Sunday, May 20, 2012

I've started dehydrating my Big Daddy Onions.  They were huge and I have plenty more to dehydrate and even more to still chop and use fresh. It's a fantastic storage onion and I think it would make amazing onion rings.  One day I'll be brave enough to make a gluten free onion ring to munch on but I'd be the only person in my family to eat them and well, I'm not in love with frying anything, just never have been. Anyway, I'll show how I did my dehydrating soon and a few tips I've learned.  I just love using the dried minced onion in certain recipes but since this is my first time trying this I have a lot to learn. And I adore this lens - depth of field makes dried onions in a jar look even better.

The peppers are looking great.  They are in the Very Tender category and around here with all the freak hail storms we get the first part of June, I think I'll wait until June 15th to move them outside.  This is the first year I've had grow lights. And that made a world of difference.  

 I learned one thing, next year I will start my Serrano Peppers in January and not keep them so wet.  Here are the 4 Serrano Peppers that I purchased at Anderson's Seed and Garden because I could not get mine growing.  I do have two little sprouts right now with 2 tiny little leaves and they've been in the peat pots since March 1st and were even on a heat mat. Hmmmm

I have had great success with my Bell Peppers and Jalapenos and Cayennes. I really am looking forward to putting them in my garden.  

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