Saturday, April 28, 2012

American Girl Birthday Party

I baked these cupcakes using a box mix from Betty Crocker.  The flavor was Golden Vanilla which was a big hit.  I couldn't try them because I'm allergic wheat so you'll have to take it from my friend Jalane that they were good.  I had some extra left over and when I found out she was having a crappy day I knew immediately she needed them (the neighbor girl fell in her only uncovered window well and required emergency surgery). She said they were the best cupcakes ever and so did all the 10 year olds who were here for the party. 
 The girls were so cute. They all noticed that the invitations matched the plates, cups, napkins, and cupcake stand - all of which was 50% off or on clearance. That cute re-useable cupcake stand was about $6. It was so cute I just had to share.  We then did some of the crafts that are the American Girl brand sold at Michael's, necklaces and bracelets and rings.  The girls had lots of fun for 3 hours and so did I.

To frost the cupcakes I put the icing in a disposable bag with a #12 round tip and swirled it on the cupcakes.  Then I sprayed them with pink and added purple sugar sprinkles.

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Jalane said...

Laura they seriously were SO good! I hate all but 3 LOL. You are such a good person and I love to be around you-thankyou for making my day brighter,I really needed that!! What a FUN party! You really are so talented and creative. I loved the frosting and you frosted them like a pro.! THey looked all fancy :) Your daughter is lucky and I bet her friends will remember the fun parties forever!