Monday, March 19, 2012

Harvest Monday - March 19, 2012

On Tuesday we went to the grocery store, not the one we typically go to. And there was fresh chicken breast for sale at 1.47/lb in 40 lb cases.  We purchased two cases. 

So far I've canned 
21 quarts of chicken breast 
6 jars of chicken stock

 from the trimmings.  I also have a stock pot in the fridge just waiting to be skimmed and canned. I put 7 lbs of chicken in freezer bags and put them in the deep freeze.  And I have about a dozen pints of chicken breast I need to finish up.  I love having a pressure canner and I love canning my own chicken at a fraction of the cost.  What will we use all this chicken for over the next year - chicken salad sandwiches, chicken enchiladas, hawaiian haystacks, and I could go on and on. And the chicken stock is great for chicken noodle soup, and a million other things like making a low fat gluten free condensed creamy chicken soup (I'm allergic to wheat).

Here's our landscape plan.  I asked for plants that they'd find around homes in Park City Utah.  Uhm, they really didn't know what they were doing.  But the bones are good.  So I have been busy making changes and having fun.

Can you see the green line?  Just click on it to see it larger if you need. I am going to add a low wall by stacking flat rock.  That corner set up isn't going to work.  I'm just starting the leg work - measuring, finding how much sand I'll need.  How much the rock with cost. ETC
 I've started some Summertime Lettuce.
 My red beef steak tomato plant is doing well.
 I started some spinach in 3" pots.  It like the extra space for the roots.  NOTE TO SELF: Plant spinach in 3" peat pots if you want success.
 Because they don't seem to be doing very well in the small jump start containers.
 The baby bok choy is looking good. I think I should have started it a few weeks earlier.  Live and learn. The ice on the lake is already gone - the earliest in 5 years by weeks. I can always put it in the shade.

And here are the other heirloom tomato starts in 6" pots -
Cherokee Purple
Pink Brandywine
Red Beefsteak

The celery is looking great.

Red beef steak I need to separate the one and put it in another pot.

And the pink brandywine with it's potato like leaves. I can hardly wait to munch on these most delicious tomatoes.

It snowed 3" last night.  But it will be 67 degrees Friday. Nice! And I've taken up walking.  I go between 2 miles and 3 miles a day except not on Sunday. But today I choose the elliptical because the road is so icy.  See ya!


Jalane said...

I cook with chicken more than any other meat. Im a little jealous of all your canning! Some day im going to learn how and do it all like you :) Seriously I love that you post your gardening stuff. I have always wanted a garden because i love to work in the yard but my husband refuses-plus we dont really have the room. Also I LOVE the landscaping and am so glad your letting us follow you along your journey. I love nothing more than yard work! I have no idea what im ever doing or what to plant and buy but I do my best with what I know and my budget :) As long as there are no weeds,a green cut lawn and some flowers that all that matter right?! ;) Cant wait to see it done-its going to be beautiful!!

Mary Hysong said...

I used to make a lot of canned chicken stock; when the kids were young and whole chickens would be on sale for 25 cents a pound, I'd buy the limit, usually 12. I'd freeze a couple whole and cut up the rest,packages of breasts, legs and thighs. Backs, necks, wings, and scrap all went in the big stock pot. Usually made about 5 gallons or so, then canned it up. I love making my own convenience foods. But back then I never thought about canning the meat. Probably in the future I will do some tho.

TEAM DEAN said...

Everything looks amazing! I am missing my garden right now looking at your lovely starts and plans!