Saturday, January 21, 2012

What a day...

Here's my hero out working in the mud.  The water was rushing off the back hill.  The ground is frozen so the water has no where to go.  Tyler dug some trenches out back to try and divert the water away from the house.  

And he was in mud most of the time.

Here is one trench.
And another through the west flower bed.

South East flower bed - Looks like the lilies I planted my get uncovered.  The bad thing about this spot it that it's closest to the basement so instead of the water going east and out into the empty lot, it's pooling here because of all the mud that eroded. You can't tell where the flower bed ends and the yard begins.

So they dig a trench at the top to force it east and stop the erosion.

Here is my garden.  I think the garlic got uncovered.  

The nice big wall of mud my husband created to block the water from the alfalfa field.
 It's already filled in with water but at least it is headed East and away from our yard and basement.

And suddenly it started to turn to snow.

And here it is 10 minutes later.  You should see it now.  It's even more beautiful and closer to 2 inches in just a few minutes. We'd rather have snow than rain right now.


Stoney Acres said...

Sorry for your muddy mess. But at least we are getting some moisture. I don't know about area but we have been really lacking in snow and rain this year. Finally this week we have some moisture.

Jalane said...

What a mess! Im so glad your house didnt get water in it though! I just cant believe this weather-wowzers!!

Mary Hysong said...

crazy weather everywhere; hey, send me some of that rain! We've been a bit dry this month!

Trishelle said...

Now that is going in where the bombs are dropping!! Way to go, Tyler!