Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun on the ice

We had so much fun on the ice yesterday.  It really is the only place with any snow.  The mountains, well, you can see them in the background of a lot of these photos. But the lake has about 3 inches of snow.  Which is fun and slippery. 

We bought a LuckyBums ski tow for teaching small children to ski.  We haven't gone skiing yet this year.  I did buy a helmet.  It's bright red like my coat.  I just hope it doesn't do the opposite and make me a skiing target.  You know me and head injuries and freak accidents.  Oh boy.

We took turns pulling the sleds.  Everyone had fun.

Tyler wrote our last name in the snow.  

We ran and laughed and soaked up the sun.

And slipped and fell on the ice a few times.  The ice is 6 inches thick below the 3 inches of snow.

Snow Angels - can't forget those!

I just love this little detail.  Had to share.

And Daddy is so fun! Donuts on the ice.

Heading back home

Just a cool action photo

Awesome boots from Cabelas.  I'd honestly walk barefoot in the cold if my feet didn't get wet from the melting snow.  My husband however needs the warmest most toasty boots available.  But he did take his jacket off.   

And these two were fascinated with all of the fishing holes. Most had frozen over with about 2 inches of ice.  There were ice fishermen everywhere.  I don't remember anyone really doing that when we moved in.  Maybe a few brave boyscout troops.  Now there are dozens - every day.

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Jalane said...

Oh my gosh Laura how awesome and fun does that look!!!! I bet your kids were in heaven. That is a memory I bet they will remember always :) LOVE IT!