Sunday, December 18, 2011


You can click on this first one to see it better - but those are wild turkeys in my backyard.  There are somewhere between 18 and 20 of them.  

My neighbor called and said, "Before I go outside and disturb them, I wanted to let you know there are turkeys in your backyard." 

I was shocked to see how many.  By the time I grabbed the camera and took this shot they had moved further away but there were in the white snowy area when I looked.

And then my little turkey got off the bus with his new friend.  He was so careful with him.  It was a proud mom moment.  I love his teacher more and more.  She is so fun and my children enjoy learning from her.

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Trishelle said...

Whoa! Holy Mass Turkey Exodus, Batman! Looks like your backyard was where those of the turkey persuasion escaped Thanksgiving Dinner!

And that paper turkey is the cutest one yet!